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Home Watch Professional House Checks

Providing home watch visits including house checks and concierge services for unoccupied homes. Typical clients are Snowbirds, Vacationers, Unoccupied Real Estate Listings, Seasonal Cabins, and Empty Condos. Other clients can be seniors, probates, emergencies, or any other circumstance that leaves a home unoccupied."

Professional Home Watch Services

Our company is dedicated to providing our clients with peace of mind by offering consistent monitoring and taking proactive measures to safeguard their homes. We always prioritize your best interests and serve as your advocate. Whether you're a frequent business traveler, planning a long-awaited vacation, selling or buying a home, or a winter snowbird, selecting a trained, trustworthy, confidential, and professional home watch company to look after your property is crucial. With Dan's extensive background in Law Enforcement, Home Inspections, Property Management, Real Estate, and Environmental Health Training, he possesses the expertise to identify potential risks and effectively address any concerns.

Why Home Watch Services?

Feeling concerned about leaving your home unattended for extended periods is natural. Various risks include weather damage, water leaks, mold, vandalism, break-ins or squatters, equipment failures, and pest infestations. While some solutions, like asking friends and relatives or using technology, may seem helpful, it's essential to consider if they can detect potential problems and prioritize the safety of your home. Also, it's crucial to determine if they can be held accountable if something goes wrong and if they have insurance to cover any damages. Furthermore, it's essential to ensure that the technology devices installed can identify issues like mold, pest infestation, or water leaks and if they can function without power or WiFi.
Burglar looking in a home

Crime and Vandalism

Have you ever noticed that your neighbor's driveway has no tire tracks on a snowy day? Or have you seen stacks of newspapers and mail piling up in their mailbox? You instantly realize that they are away from their home or on vacation. But, have you ever considered that criminals or squatters might notice the same thing about your home?

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Insurance May Deny Your Claim. Please Read!

Did You Know? An insurance Company May Deny Your Claim. It's very important that you check your insurance policy if you are leaving your home unoccupied while on vacation, traveling south for the winter, medical absences, probate, or other reasons without someone routinely checking your house.

Leaking Pipe

Leaks and Water Damage

Have you ever experienced a leak or water damage while living at home? It's a common problem that many of us have faced. Now, imagine leaving your home for a period of time. Are you confident that your home is safe and secure from potential risks such as a failed sump pump, ice dam leaks, power loss, furnace shutdown, or frozen pipes?

Mice and Rodents

When a home is unoccupied, it may not have food and crumbs lying around. However, mice, rodents, and bugs might seek shelter in your warm, dry home to escape predators and the outdoor elements, especially in the cold New York climate.

Our Services

We offer professional home watch services, concierge services, vacant real estate house checks, probate and senior transitioning house checks. National Home Watch Association's definition of home watch is "A visual inspection of a home or property looking for obvious issues."
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Home Watch Services

We provide professional home watch services and house checks for Snowbirds, Vacationers, Unoccupied Real Estate Listings, Seasonal Cabins, and Empty Condos. Other clients can be seniors, probates, emergencies, or any other circumstance that leaves a home unoccupied

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Concierge Services

Our concierge services are designed to provide our home watch clients with convenient and trusted support by taking care of tasks you need done while you are away.

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Vacant Real Estate House Checks

During real estate transactions, houses are often left unoccupied or even vacant for extended periods of time. Your home is vulnerable, and you may be denied an insurance claim without regular house checks.

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Probate and Senior Transition House Checks

Do you have a home in the probate process, or are you transitioning to assisted living? Regular house checks can give you peace of mind that your home is being looked after during these tough life transitions.

Smart Homes are Great…

That is…

As Long As the Power and Internet are On…

We are here for you even when there is no power!

Professional House Checks!

After completing classroom training, our house checkers receive hands-on field training where they perform Home Watch Visits under the direct supervision of an experienced Home Watch Field Trainer. Upon successful completion of field training, the trainee is assigned home watch duties of their own.

Client Testimonials

"Having Home Watch was an excellent experience. The home we were purchasing was left vacant for way too long, and once we put Home Watch on the job they found everything from a leaky water main after the seller had it shut off/turned back on, to the body of a squirrel that had found its way into the basement from the chimney and died. Having the house checked on to make sure nothing got too out of hand put me and my wife at ease for our closing where we would've been stressed out of our minds to find all these issues last minute."
Nick Palermo
"This service was invaluable during the process of selling my home. We were given weekly check ins, great communication, and some much needed peace of mind during a time when we needed it most. Anyone selling an unoccupied home should consider this a necessity. "
Dillon Murphy
"I have used Home Watch professional house checks when I go on vacation the background and training they possess gives me the peace of mind while I'm away. I definitely will use them again, and refer them to everyone I know. Don’t hesitate to call them !! "
Judith Oatman

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